Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2nd Anniversary

Wow! 2 years has just flown by and now it is time for our 2nd Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day!
We want to invite you to come and join us in celebrating, we will have door prizes, Make n' takes and all sorts of fun stuff!
OH WAIT! I forgot there will be sales too...can't have a birthday without presents now can we?!?

One of our biggies is a preorder sale of the new big tool from Sizzix

The Big Shot

This is the hottest tool on the market and in honor of our 2nd Anniversary, we will be taking preorders. Now the fun part the Regular Price for this tool is $120.95. For our second anniversary if you preorder it will be $90.95!

Watch the BLOG web site and store for more fun things this weekend!

Thank you all again for your amazing support in our endeavor


createdmonster said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

createdmonster said...

Do you ladies have a blinkie I could add to my blog?

Thanks much!!

Robyn said...

I will look into that!