Saturday, August 1, 2009


Wow the summer is just about over and I cannot tell you what has been going on.

Well I dropped the Ball on the last challenge, and I know that not many people are scrapin, but I thought I would put something out there for all to try.

I would like to see some LO using a picture LARGER than a 5x7!

I have just had one printed out at 8x10 and am going to see what I can come up with!

Like I said I know the scrapin is not happening, but if you need to escape from the heat lets see what we can do!

Have a great long weekend


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yea Sarah!!!!

So I have been out of the loop and I apologize. I have confirmation from the design team that they are sticking with me, so we will be working on some fun stuff in the next few months for some amazing stuff for the fall!

Now for the summer, we will keep things going here so when you have time check in and be challenged.

Now to explain the title I received an e-mail from Sarah last night and check it out!

Sarah is more insane about Basic Grey then me (and yes that is possible!) and I am sure she is over the moon with this.

Now I am going to throw a show and tell challenge out to you all... As I have just spent the night making teacher gifts (3 down 2 to go!) My challenge is this

show us what gifts you are creating out there.

Post in the Gallery and I will collect all the entries and post them here together for all to see! I will then put all the entries in a hat and randomly draw for a RAK from me!

Deadline is June 29th

Have fun

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh my...

So here I am to be the bringer of Joy with a new sketch from our favorite sketch site Pagemaps!
Now usually I give you one off the older maps on the site, but I saw this one and cannot wait to see what everyone does with it!

Have fun and I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reduce and reuse!

This past week was Earth Day - a day to renew our commitment to making our Earth a cleaner and better place to live!

I challenge everyone to create a card using only the scraps left over from creating your latest layout -don't cut any new sheets of paper!!

My card uses the new Bo Bunny Grease Monkey scraps, left over from my Wild Ride layout that is posted in the gallery - go check it out!! The colours in this line are so vibrant - and my fav. colour combos too!!

I also used a stamped image from my stash (Bella), Kaiser Pearls from the store, and puffy Thickers!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Insperational Challenge from Kirsten...

Well our little Aly is painting, moving and trying to get settled in her new place.
So what that means is that we have a special guest this month
So without further ado her is Kirsten giving you a challenge.

I get a turn to do a challenge, how exciting is that?! So I thought I would give you lots of room to play with. It is an inspirational page, what, who, where is your inspiration? Or just pick an inspirational quote and do a page around it. Originally I was feeling so inspired by all the sunshine that we have been having. Then I found this picture of my most favorite person in the world, my inspiration. So, have fun!
So what is your insperation? A person? A thing? A place? Come out and play everyone ans show us!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Inspiration for Late in the Week

We haven't had a sketch up lately so it seemed about time to try and get some creativity flowing.  This is from Pagemaps April maps.  I love that it layers two patterns of paper either over a third, or over a solid color.  I love using multiple sheets of patterned paper together, so this one is definitely my style.  Hope some of you will play along and look forward to seeing your results in the gallery!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alison's Challenge

Sorry everyone Alison sent this to me and I fell asleep at the wheel, so here it is Alison's Challenge for the month! Have fun I LOVE this Technique!
Hi again everyone!

Well this challenge has been a challenge for me! Mainly because I picked my material that I thought I would use and then packed up ALL my scrapbooking supplies for our upcoming move. So when it came time to "create" all I had was two pieces of patterned paper, a piece of cardstock I had to "borrow" and letters. Lucky for me a found a scrap of ribbon and that mess stuff kicking around in the back of a drawer!

My challenge is totally fitting because like I said I am packing up the house for our move.

Packing Tape Transparencies!

Print you picture off on plain paper from your printer (Robyn - can you confirm or deny that ink jet doesn't work - my page didn't work but Kirsten's laser printer page was fineRobyn's edit- I do believe that laser jet is your best bet on this project!). Cover the picture with packing tape, slightly overlapping then let it soak in water only for a minute or two. Carefully peel back the plain paper and you will see that the image remains on the packing tape. Picking at it can give a nice aged look but be careful where you pick as it will create a see through "hole" in the picture. Set aside to dry, trim and have at'er.

Have a look at the finished project I came up with. I am still thinking about my "wishes" so my journalling card is blank for the time being.

So next month you guys will be in for a treat as by good chum Kirsten will coming up with a challenge for you all while I am busy unpacking. Fasten your seat belts because she loves to think OUTSIDE the box! Most importantly - HAVE FUN!