Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alison's Challenge

Sorry everyone Alison sent this to me and I fell asleep at the wheel, so here it is Alison's Challenge for the month! Have fun I LOVE this Technique!
Hi again everyone!

Well this challenge has been a challenge for me! Mainly because I picked my material that I thought I would use and then packed up ALL my scrapbooking supplies for our upcoming move. So when it came time to "create" all I had was two pieces of patterned paper, a piece of cardstock I had to "borrow" and letters. Lucky for me a found a scrap of ribbon and that mess stuff kicking around in the back of a drawer!

My challenge is totally fitting because like I said I am packing up the house for our move.

Packing Tape Transparencies!

Print you picture off on plain paper from your printer (Robyn - can you confirm or deny that ink jet doesn't work - my page didn't work but Kirsten's laser printer page was fineRobyn's edit- I do believe that laser jet is your best bet on this project!). Cover the picture with packing tape, slightly overlapping then let it soak in water only for a minute or two. Carefully peel back the plain paper and you will see that the image remains on the packing tape. Picking at it can give a nice aged look but be careful where you pick as it will create a see through "hole" in the picture. Set aside to dry, trim and have at'er.

Have a look at the finished project I came up with. I am still thinking about my "wishes" so my journalling card is blank for the time being.

So next month you guys will be in for a treat as by good chum Kirsten will coming up with a challenge for you all while I am busy unpacking. Fasten your seat belts because she loves to think OUTSIDE the box! Most importantly - HAVE FUN!