Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Insperational Challenge from Kirsten...

Well our little Aly is painting, moving and trying to get settled in her new place.
So what that means is that we have a special guest this month
So without further ado her is Kirsten giving you a challenge.

I get a turn to do a challenge, how exciting is that?! So I thought I would give you lots of room to play with. It is an inspirational page, what, who, where is your inspiration? Or just pick an inspirational quote and do a page around it. Originally I was feeling so inspired by all the sunshine that we have been having. Then I found this picture of my most favorite person in the world, my inspiration. So, have fun!
So what is your insperation? A person? A thing? A place? Come out and play everyone ans show us!


Margo said...

gorgeous layout - love the photo, and the colour combo!!