Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Questons for Draw prize

OK poor Sarah has to work with the biggest doorknob on the planet! I promised that I would have this done on Tuesday night and ya well!

So I have some questions for you to answer, the first person to get the correct answers into me will receive the whole collection of Canadain Scrapbooker Basics.
Volume 1 will be send to you right away, all other Volumes will be sent as they are released.

SOOOOO here we go;

  1. What is the hotest tool on the market right now?Big Shot
  2. Who is the newest member of our Design Team?Sarah
  3. What was our last fundraising Crop?Crofton Elementry
  4. Where is The Paper Crate located?Cobble Hill
  5. What holds the 'camera shy' sign in the on line store? a mouse
  6. How many days a week are we open? 7
  7. How long has Margo been Scrapbooking? 7 years
  8. How many kids does Alison have? 3
  9. What is Sarah's favorite time of year? fall
  10. When did Robyn get the BLOG started? August 12

So there are the questions, please send the answers to me at and the first person with all the correct answers will get the prize.

Good Luck