Monday, January 26, 2009

Next up.... It's Alison!

My turn! I am totally loving the blog and I am really excited to have my chance to challenge you all! If I were to crack open my albums you would see lots of pictures of my kids. Few of my husband and even fewer of me! So my goal for the year is to scrapbook pages that have NOTHING to do with my kids! And I plan on taking you guys along for the ride. So buckle up everyone - here we go!

Like Sarah said a couple of weeks back - people often start the year with goals and resolutions. I have made my share but there are some things that I never resolve to give up. So this month I challenge you to create a page about something you are truly addicted to.

The picture I included isn't the greatest quality as it was taken by the three year old. But I found it so interesting that he framed the picture with me AND my ever present Diet Pepsi! But to give it a twist and make the bottle of pop (soda for our south of the border pals) I worked in Photoshop to make the picture black and white and left the bottle color! The process is really quite easy - here is a link the tutorial I used.

Have fun!


When you are finished your LO email it to and we will post it! Or Post it in the project area of the site!

Please have submissions in by Wednesday February 4th


The Paper Crate said...

First you have to teach me how to do that! (not so good at tutorials!)

Second does thinking about taking a picture of my addiction count???

Steph said...

Robyn, here's a tutorial I put together a while ago using the same program I gave's a little simpler...

Great challenge!!