Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!

Well I hope this New Year finds everyone Happy and Healthy (we have a sicky in this house today, so I really hope everyone else is healthy)

Now for some exciting news around the design team!!!!!

First the one all can see RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
Check out our very own Margo (tenth down) on the Page Maps new SIDE MAPS section

Yea Margo!

And something I neglected to mention last month is Alison is in Scrapbooks Etc. this month (January) I will double check the page with her and let you all know.

Yea Alison

Once again have a Wonderful New Year



createdmonster said...

Whoop-whoop, ladies!! I was published for the first time! First in Scrapbook News and Review's Novemeber/December issue. Then, in Scrap'n'Art Ezine's issue for this month!
:0) Seems like the year is off to a decent start.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic ladies! I hope all your good luck will rub off on me. *Fingers crossed* this will be the year that Canadian Scrapbooker (or any other mag) will take one of my layouts. Great job everyone! And Happy New Year!

Margo said...

Oh, congrats to everyone who has been published - that is still a dream of mine!!